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Catskills Candle Studio

Inspired by The Catskill Mountains & New York City

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Catskills Candle Studio

Peppermint + Eucalyptus

Sweet peppermint and relaxing eucalyptus create an inviting spa like vibe to your home that will bring a sense of calm. Perfect candle for your self-care Sunday.


Blue Spruce + Snow

Imagine yourself walking through the pines with fresh falling snow. This scent will transport you to that forest in the mountains. Lighting this candle is perfect for the winter months.


Campfire + Fir

Cozy up with this candle and you will feel like you are sitting around a campfire surrounded by evergreens. This will become you favorite candle of the season


I love the smell and look of Catskills Candles! The interesting variety of scents work in all seasons. Literally something for everyone. 

I’m partial to Blue Spruce + Snow and Campfire + Fir but I’ve also bought several others and enjoyed them all! 

Andrew G

I'm not usually a fan of scented candles but I LOVE the mild, clean, natural scent of the peppermint + eucalyptus candles and have a couple set around the house that I light frequently just to freshen the space.

I first discovered the candles at the charming Kaaterskill Market in Catskill, NY and then was able to use your direct website to access additional varieties.

Catherine S

There is no other candle company like Catskills Candle Studio. Nicole uses the most high end ingredients allowing for crisp, fresh scents that never smell overly sweet or processed.

The packaging is clean and aesthetically pleasing. My favorites are Grapefruit and Mint for summer and Spruce and Snow for winter. I can’t wait to eventually try all of her candles!

Alison K